reptile party bookingReptile parties Melbourne, childrens parties Victoria, birthday entertainment, party education, school incursions, a summary of what Snakebusters is known for doing better than all others.

Below are a few of the things that Snakebusters are better known for:

reptile parties

Birthday parties, corporate entertainment, mobile party shows and more are what Snakebusters are experts at. We are the only reptile party that allows all the crowd to hold reptiles, rather than just a boring "show and tell".  While cost typically means we don’t do childrens reptile shows outside Victoria, Snakebusters are always the most commonly demanded Melbourne parties for kids, childrens shows, corporate entertainment, festival shows and school incursions.

kinder reptile shows

If your child care centre or kinder has had enough of clowns, cardboard boxes, face-painting and fairies, then animals, wildlife or reptiles may be your next move in the kinda incursions scene. While there are a number of companies touting reptile shows and childrens wildlife displays, not all animals shows are the same. There's only one in Victoria that allows the kinda children to hold the animals and that's Snakebusters! We don't limit the number of guests or charge extra and we travel to all Melbourne suburbs and even rural Victoria. With the use of our unique Snakebusters "Coming here" fliers and an unrivalled hands-on experience, your Snakebusters child care centre event will be remembered for life! Please note that Snakebusters are independently rated the best snake and reptile shows in Australia, so book early to get the time and date you want for your upcoming kinder incursion no matter where in Melbourne or Victoria you are.

Tween party ideas Melbourne

When the kids are over fairies, but not yet to the sex,drugs and rock and roll, Snakebusters are the best clean fun for all. Just don't tell your tweens, teenagers, young adults or big kids that they will be learning at the same time as that sounds boring and Snakebusters are anything but that! While our imitators will do "hands-off" reptile shows, Snakebusters are the only "hands-on" reptile shows in Australia. As a rule, all the teenagers at the party will want to hold the reptiles and yes, we let them. Only Snakebusters brings all the extras and without charging extra. We bring, snakes, small, medium, large and huge! Then there's crocodiles, lizards, frogs and more! As for risk, well the only risk you'll have is the children not wanting to hand teh reptiles back!  So for the best teenager party ideas in Melbourne, nothing in Victoria beats Snakebusters.

Birthday parties Melbourne

If you are over the fairies and the drawing, then animals and wildlife may be your next big move in the kids party scene. While there are a number of companies touting kid's reptile parties childrens wildlife displays, not all animals shows are the same. There is only one in Victoria that allows the kids to hold the animals and that's snake busters! Our parties don't limit the number of guests or charge extra and we travel to all suburbs and even rural Victoria where our birthdays always give the kids the special occasion they want. With free invitations, a birthday gift above all others and an unrivalled hands-on experience, your Snakebusters birthday party will be remembered for life! Yes we also do birthdays for kids, tweens, teens, adults and even the elderly! As a warning, in terms of wildlife and animals, Snakebusters are consistently rated the best kids birthdays in Melbourne so book early to get the date and time you want for your child's birthday party no matter where in Victoria you are.

Adult parties

Not all adult parties and adult entertainment needs to involve sex and strippers. For the best clean fun that will upsate anything else, it needs to be a Snakebusters adult reptile party. Unlike our imitators that only give a "show and tell", or boring "static display", Snakebusters do the real hands-on deal! People of all age and gender will jump at the chance to meet, greet and hold Australia's best reptiles in the wildest party ever. Whether its for a tween party, 21st, 40th, 90th or even a wedding reception, Snakebusters will make the event one to remember. For corporate events, company Christmas events and more, our adult entertainment will blow your mind! Our past displays and events include the Melbourne Cup, Commonwealth Games team building parties, AFL Chtristmas parties, F1 after party and more.  Because we are the most frequently demanded wildlife shows, displays and reptile adult birthday parties in Melbourne, it pays to book your Melbourne adult party sooner rather than later.

Mobile Reptile shows

Only Snakebusters and the Australian snake man, have a history of having a risk free venomous snake show.  No one else in this country has veterinary surgeon certified, surgically devenomized or venomoid snakes.  This means the snake handler and the audience are safe and the snakes don’t need to be restrained and attacked with metal sticks, metal tongs and other brutal tools that may injure snakes. Remember, we come to you! Also note that we also bring the full suite of animals at no extra cost, including crocs, snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles and more.  The end result is the best reptile shows in Melbourne, Victoria and pretty much anywhere else.

Corporate entertainment Melbourne

For the best corporate entertainment and corporate shows it's got to be hands-on reptiles.  While other so-called wildlife companies will let you have a “meet and greet” at your event, Snakebusters lets the guests of honour hold the reptiles. No one else does this.  Whether for a company team building exercise, store re-opening, product launch or anything else, when it comes to the ultimate corporate event entertainers, nothing beats Snakebusters corporate shows in Melbourne.

Animal parties

For the wildest animal party of all it needs to have the ultimate in wildlife. Only Snakebusters can bring you a risk free venomous snake show.  No one else in this country has veterinary surgeon certified, surgically devenomized or venomoid snakes giving your wildlife party an edge on all others.  Besides the deadliest snakes on earth your wild animal party will hit the spot when people get the chance to hold the animals, which just happens to be a Snakebusters exclusive.  With staff that are also party animals, the final result is the best wildlife parties in Melbourne, Victoria and pretty much anywhere else.

School incursions

For the ultimate educational school shows in Melbourne and Victoria, Snakebusters beats all others.  No other company allows chidren the right to hold the animals in a hands-on display.  The reptile exhibition is second to none with all major groups of modern reptiles, such as crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles, amphibians as in frogs as well as risk free deadly venomous snake shows.  Kids see the most dangerous wildlife but without the danger.  For that reason, Snakebusters got the legally enforceable trademark to say that when doing parties, shows and more in Melbourne, Victoria, they give the best reptile incursions in Australia.

snake handling courses

In 2011, several supposedly experienced snake handlers have been bitten by snakes and killed. The most recent was an American chomped by an African Black Mamba in June 2011. Globally, the most respected snake handler is Australia's snake man Ray Hoser. He's been at the leading edge of reptile science for decades and has an impeccable safety record with the world's most deadly snakes, be they African Mambas, American Rattlesnakes, or Asiatic Cobras. Within Australia, he's done research on all the better known deadlies, including sea snakes and the land snakes. There is no better person alive to teach snake control and snake relocation courses. Let over 40 years expertise put your safety first when the snakeman teaches you the correct methods to handle snakes of all kinds, so that neither yourself or the snake get harmed. Operating in all parts of Australia, including New South Wales, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmaina, South Australia, as well as New Guinea, Asia, South Africa and elsewhere. Demand Snakebusters for Australia's best reptile handling courses.

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